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17 agosto 2006

Visiting Bavaria - Day 5

This post is the continuation of Visiting Bavaria - Day 4, it's also the shortest and the last post of the series started with Visiting Bavaria - Day 1.

When I got up Tuesday morning, my hosts had another surprise for me. After lodging me in their house and being my guides in Bavaria for four days, they had a gift for me!

A lovely German beer mug with a painting of Forchheim and my name engraved in the lid.

I could do nothing but thank them sincerely for their kindness and their generosity, and invite them time and time again to be my guests in Spain.

Pressed by the time, I said goodbye to Ingrid and Tanja. Unfortunately, I could not say goodbye to Tobias because he had already left for work. Josef took me to Stuttgart airport, from where I flew back home.

With this series of posts I want to express my deepest gratefulness to Josef and Ingrid, they're the best hosts a guest can dream of.

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